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This is the beta version of Gifa V4.
Version 4.20 - dated 14 July 1996

Known BUGS
There are quite a few bug known (and unknown)
 o When using the Graphic interface, some questions go to the text terminal
   rather than in the dialog box. The message are sometime a bit erratic.
 o on SGI, sometimes the MONOPOINT command (thus the macros point, rowint,
   ph2rd, etc..) seems to crash the program.
   try not to be too fast when clicking (most notable when using a X-Terminal)
 o on Linux, you cannot read back files created on another plateform,
   you need to use cache2pc to convert (back and forth) your files.
 o you cannot use X-servers with more than 256 colors
 o on SGI3000 linefit seems to be buggy ( I won't fix that one)
 o Matlab format does not work on AIX/IBM due to a bug (feature) on
   the compiler (complain to IBM please)
 o proc3d is sometime confused with itype, you have to correct it with the
   < putheader Type value > command  (disjoin and join again afterwards)
 o STPL (stacked plot) on screen is very sloppy, it will be changed sometime.
 o low level contours may have some erratic lines in it.
 o 2D Density window should not be resizable
 o $a[$b[$i]] does not work ($a[$b[$i]]) does work though
 o too many Overflow messages
 o shell script is sometime confused if the ##$INSTRUM field is
   wrong on your Bruker spectrometer
   check it if you get a "wrong number of argument' message
 o in 3D does not handle ACQORDER (1-2-3 or 2-1-3) you might
   have to call ux2cach directly
 o MODULUS does not work in 3D if ITYPE is not 7
 o etc...

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