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Here are some description for the Compilation and machine requirements for
the various ports of Gifa.

gifav4_HPUX.tar.Z - binaries for the HP 700 series, running HP-UX 9.0x
     compiled with the standard f77 with +U77 -O 
     and the standard cc with -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE -DHP -O 
     linked with the shared library for Motif1.2

gifav4_RS6000.tar.Z - binaries for the IBM RS6000 series,
     xlf / xlc version

gifav4_SGI.tar.Z - binaries for Silicon Graphics machines, R4000 running IRIS 5.x
     compiled with the standard f77 and cc commands on IRIX 5.3
     options -O -mips2
     every thing is dynamically linked.
     It should also work for IRIX 6.x machines
     WILL NOT WORK on R3000 machines, see below.

gifav4_SGI3000.tar.Z - binaries for Silicon Graphics machines, R3000, running IRIS 4.0.x
     compiled with the standard f77 and cc commands on IRIX 4.0.5
     options -O
     every thing is statically linked.
     It should also work for IRIX 5.x machines
     Will work on R4000 machines, but about 20% slower.

gifav4_SUN.tar.Z - binaries for Sun SPARC machines, running 4.1.3
     Compiled with f77 and gcc  -O options
     linked with static libraries.

From Georgy Salnikov (SU) who made the ports

gifav4_SOL2.tar.gz - binaries for Sun SPARC Solaris 2.4 compiled with
     SPARCompiler f77 and cc 3.0.1 and cc 2.6.3 with -O (-cg92)
     statically linked with libF77 and dynamically with Motif etc.
     It should run on any SUN Sparc / Solaris 2.x
     - complete Solaris 2.4 operating system with X11/Xt/Motif installed.
       Actually Solaris 2.4 is the first OS from Sun with integrated Motif,
       later versions might also pass. Solaris 2.4 is the name of a
       combination of SunOS 5.4 and OpenWindows 3.4.
     - as Motif on Solaris 2.4 is installed in /usr/dt, /usr/dt/lib must be
       included in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, i.e. the following lines added to
       .profile (expecting Bourne shell):
       export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

gifav4_LINUX.tar.gz - binaries for PC Linux 3.0 (in ELF object format)
     compiled with f2c-950119 and gcc-2.7.0 with full optimization for
     the i486 CPU and -ffast-math switch, statically linked with Motif.
     The requirements to run these binaries are expected:
     - any PC which is able to run Linux and XFree86, but having enougn
       memory is important (otherwise it will be no NMR, but swap-swap-swap),
       as well as a good accelerated SVGA card with at least
       1024x768x256 colours. Tested by me on i486-DX4/100 with 16 Mb memory
       and ca. 34 Mb swap space (gifa_med runs, but gifa_big does not
       pass into this amount of virtual memory), with S3 Trio64 (1 Mb) SVGA
       accelerator, it was working good.
     - Linux 3.0 or later, with support of ELF format binaries. Tested by me
       under Slackware Linux 3.0 (kernel 1.2.13 patched for ELF) as released
       by Walnut Creek CDROM in october 1995. Other releases with ELF
       support (from Yggdrasil, for example) should hopefully also pass.
     - XFree86 3.1.2 or later with ELF format libraries (should be a part
       of the complete release of Linux). Motif should be not needed as it
       is statically linked to the Gifa binaries.
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