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This is version 4.20 of Gifa.
Version 4.20 - dated 14 July 1997

        The Gifa program is a multi-purpose NMR program. It is designed for
the processing, the display and the analysis of 1D, 2D & 3D NMR data-sets.
        The program includes all the classical processing, displaying and
plotting capabilities of an NMR program, as well as more advanced
processing techniques such as Maximum Entropy processing or Linear
prediction. There is no actual limit to the size of the data-set which can
be processed. A complete macro language permits to builds sophisticated
processing. The Graphic User Interface is fully designable and programmable
by the user.
	This version 4.2 introduce a complete module for DOSY processing, as
well as a general fitter.
	An assignment module has recently be added to the program. It is aimed
toward the assignment of protein and peptides from a set of 2D homonuclear
        The program currently runs on several UNIX platforms. The graphics
can be displayed on X-Windows terminals. Plots are generated on postscript
or HP-GL devices.
	There is support for processing files coming from Varian and Bruker
(AM, AMX, DMX) spectrometers, as well as more generic formats (ascii format,
matlab (tm) files, etc..). Jeol and GE will be supported as soon as somebody
can help me at this.
	This version is distributed under a licence. There is no
fee for academic laboratories, however the licence requires that you refer
to Gifa in any published work which depend in some manner on the Gifa

Note that that Gifa could be used for several other purposes than NMR:
- sophisticate image filtering
  (based on convolutions and Fourier Analysis)
- a generic application generator
  (based on the macro language and the programmable GUI)
  (we actually use Gifa for the system management of the network)

        This program can be downloaded by anonymous FTP on Internet, the
home site is the following address : .

There is also mirror sites :

In Japan :
at Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki,

In US. :
Ohio Supercomputer Center, Colombus

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The distribution of Gifa is conditionned by a licence agreement that the user
should sign to get a working program.
In the distribution, you will find 4 versions of the licence agreement :	the english version in postscript
	licence_eng.asc	the english version in ascii	the french version in postscript
	license_fra.asc	the french version in ascii

Internationnal users should sign,       Les utilisateurs dans un laboratoire
fax, and mail me the english version.   francais doivent signer, me telecopier,
                                        et me poster la version francaise.

my fax number                            mon numero de fax :

                    (33) (0)4 67 52 96 23

my address                               mon adresse :

                      Faculte de Pharmacie
                      15 avenue Charles Flahault
                      F-34060 Montpellier Cedex FRANCE

my e-mail address                        mon adresse electronique :


When registred you will get the licence, and the annoying message about some
non-valid licence should go away. You will also enter the list of the
registered people, and will get all informations related to the new release
of Gifa.

The program is obtained by anonymous FTP at several addresses (see above)

log with ftp on the server
login as anonymous, give your e-mal address as password
go to the gifa directory
get the needed files

In this distribution you will find the following files :

makefile           The basic command file for unpacking and installing
                   the complete Gifa program.
...Just type  make  and follow the instructions

gifav4_HPUX.tar.Z           The binaries for HP 700 / HP-UX 9.0x
gifav4_SGI.tar.Z            The binaries for SGI R4000 / IRIS 5.x or 6.x
gifav4_SGI_3000.tar.Z       The binaries for SGI R3000 / IRIS 4.x or 5.x
gifav4_RS6000.tar.Z         The binaries for IBM RS6000 / AIX
gifav4_SUN.tar.Z            The binaries for SUN/Sparc SunOs 4.1.3
gifav4_SOL2.tar.Z           The binaries for SUN/Sparc Solaris 2.4
gifav4_LINUX.tar.Z          The binaries for PC Linux

...copy only the one you need for your machine
...missing binary files means that the port is not finished yet.
...Some versions are more tested than others, (SUN is the less tested)

gifav4_basic.tar.Z       The basic support files (macros, help, utilities,...)
...This one is needed !

gifav4_data.tar.Z        Some data for demos ( ~6 Mega)
...This one is helpfull to learn how to use Gifa.

doc/*.html                   The gifa documentation in Mosaic format
doc/*.ps.Z                   The gifa documentation in Postscript
...only there as convenience, a copy is present in the gifav4_basic.tar.Z file.

To summarize :
Get :   Makefile
        optionnally gifav4_data.tar.Z

Type :  make
and follow the instructions

The *.tar.Z files can then be deleted.

The complete package takes about 16 Mega on the disk. From which about 6 are
example files which can be removed.
Installation, when decompressing the archives takes about 10 Mega more.

This software is still in development, it intensely tested here in
Montpellier on HP and SGI. Friends of mine test it on AIX and Linux. However the
software is not finished yet. There are : -missing features, -features that
are not yet implemented as in the manual,-commands that may change (slightly
I hope, changes will be described in the follow-up), -known bugs, and of
course -unknown bugs.

Use it at your own risks, I am not liable for any loss of data,
time, integrity, etc.. due to using this software.


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