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Made directory /usr/local/tempjkl

Went to a premier  Free Solaris Software site:
  choose SPARC/Solaris 7   (or whatever you have)
or go directly to:

and download


I actually used ftp to the site

% ftp


cd /pub/freeware/sparc/7
get libpng-1.0.2-sol7-sparc-local.gz
get ghostscript-5.50-sol7-sparc-local.gz
get ghostview-1.5-sol7-sparc-local.gz
get jpeg-6b-sol7-sparc-local.gz
get libpng-1.0.2-sol7-sparc-local.gz
get netpbm-1mar1994-sol7-sparc-local.gz
get zlib-1.1.3-sol7-sparc-local.gz

cd /pub/freeware/SOURCES/
get ghostscript-fonts-other-5.50.tar.gz
get ghostscript-5.50.tar.gz
get ghostscript-fonts-std-5.50.tar.gz
get ghostview-1.5.tar.gz
get jpeg-6b.tar.gz
get libpng-1.0.2.tar.gz
get netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz
get zlib-1.1.3.tar.gz


Then in /usr/local/tempjkl
unstalled ghostscript (I knowm version 6.0 is out, but I did not find it
  gunzip ghostscript-5.50-sol7-sparc-local.gz
  pkgadd -d ghostscript-5.50-sol7-sparc-local

# installed ghostview
gunzip ghostview-1.5-sol7-sparc-local.gz
pkgadd -d ghostview-1.5-sol7-sparc-local

# unpacked fonts
cd /usr/local/share/ghostscript/fonts
gtar zxvf /usr/local/tempjkl/ghostscript-fonts-other-5.50.tar.gz

# unpacked fonts  (do not ask me... I only follow them).
cd /usr/local/share/ghostscript
gtar zxvf /usr/local/tempjkl/ghostscript-fonts-std-5.50.tar.gz

# back to the temp
cd /usr/local/tempjkl

# installed jpeg package
gunzip jpeg-6b-sol7-sparc-local.gz
pkgadd -d jpeg-6b-sol7-sparc-local

# installed libpnh
gunzip libpng-1.0.2-sol7-sparc-local.gz
pkgadd -d libpng-1.0.2-sol7-sparc-local

gunzip zlib-1.1.3-sol7-sparc-local.gz
pkgadd -d zlib-1.1.3-sol7-sparc-local

# installing netpbm library/tools.NOTE. I took the netpbm from the source
# specified above. I ran into several different netpbm-1mar1994.p1 collections
# which had minor differences.

   gtar zxvf netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz

used hint found at
================= start ==========
     Re: [l2h] netpbm for Solaris (5.7)

          From: Thomas Anders 
          Subject: Re: [l2h] netpbm for Solaris (5.7) 
          Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 02:29:34 -0700 

     On Apr 14, 16:02, Graham Gough wrote:
     > I'm a happy l2h user on my Linux box, but am trying to install it for
     > others on a Solaris machine. I'm having some problems building
     > netpbm using xmkmf. Make Makefiles fails [...]

     There's more than one way to do it ;) - IIRC, all you have to do is:
     - unpack netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz (note the "p1"!)
     - "cp Makefile.std Makefile" in every directory (use Makefile.gcc in
     - edit these Makefiles to adjust install destinations (INSTALLBINARIES,
     - edit pbmplus.h: #define RGB_DB  "/usr/openwin/lib/rgb.txt"
                       #define SYSV
                       #define PGM_BIGGRAYS
                       ... and whatever else you need ...
     - some minor bugfixes:
       - in pgm/Makefile: "pgmkernel" should belong to MATHBINARIES instead of
       - in pnm/Makefile: "pnmsmooth" should belong to PORTBINARIES instead of
     - make binaries && make install.bin

      This is all from the top of my head. Use at own risk.


     Thomas Anders 
     Hahn-Meitner-Institut Berlin, Germany
======================  end ===========

cd /usr/local/tempjkl/netpbm-1mar94.p1
in each directory (., libtiff,  pbm, 

   cp Makefile.std Makefile    

edited Makefile to make sure that:
CC =            gcc -ansi -pedantic -fpcc-struct-return
INSTALLBINARIES =       /usr/local/netpbm
INSTALLMANUALS1 =       /usr/local/man/man1
INSTALLMANUALS3 =       /usr/local/man/man3
INSTALLMANUALS5 =       /usr/local/man/man5

cd libtiff
cp Makefile.gcc Makefile    
and did not edit anything in the Makefile

cd ../pbm
cp Makefile.std Makefile
edited and made changes as in the top directory:

cd ../pgm
cp Makefile.std Makefile
edited Makefile as above + moved pgmkernel from PORTBINARIES  to MATHBINARIES

cd ../pnm
cp Makefile.std Makefile
edited Makefile as above and also moved pnmsmooth from SCRIPTS to PORTBINARIES

cd ../ppm
cp Makefile.std Makefile
edited Makefile as above

cd /usr/local/tempjkl/netpbm-1mar94.p1
make binaries
make install.bin

There are still few missing pieces:

a) pnmtopng:

cd /usr/local/tempjkl
gtar zxvf pnmtopng-2.34.tar.gz
cd pnmtopng-2.34

edited Makefile
# CC=cc

# LIBPNG=../libpng
# ZLIB=../zlib
# NETPBM=../netpbm

# INSTDIR=/Users/Willem/Unix

make all
cp -p pnmtopng pngtopnm /usr/local/netpbm
cp -p pngtopnm.1 pnmtopng.1 /usr/local/man/man1

b)  giftool
cd /usr/local/tempjkl
mkdir giftool
cd giftool
gtar Zxvf ../giftool.tar.Z
emacs Makefile
added :

cp giftool /usr/local/bin

c) giftrans

cd /usr/local/tempjkl
mkdir giftrans
cd giftrans
gcc -o giftrans giftrans.c
cp giftrans /usr/local/bin
cp giftrans.1 /usr/local/man/man1

I went to:

First, clicked on "Documentation"
Here are some pointers to LaTeX2HTML documentation: 
   The official manual provided by the primary LATEX2HTML author, Ross Moore 
   Installation hints for the OS/2 platform, courtesty of Uli Wortmann 

Clicked on:
and then on "A Postscript version available" (which is:
and downloaded it. Keep it, and print it later. The installation
instructions in the PostScript manual do not refer to the version
which you have, so you do not have to read it right away.

Then I revisited the page:
and clicked on "Download", which got me to:
And chosen the latest file dated: 
   latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz   14-Apr-2000 07:15   1.0M  
i.e., the URL ls

I am providing these two files here

but check the original sites above, since they may have some later version.

I copied the and latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz 
/usr/local/tempjkl directory

I then unpacked the tar archive:
gtar zxvf latex2html-99.2beta6.tar.gz

I carefully read the INSTALL file:

then, I did 
 ./configure --help
and checked if I can find all programs xxxxx pointed out by --with-xxxxx=PATH
I decided to skip giftool -- its use is too restrictive.

In my case, my PATH was:

which gs
which dvips
which latex
which pnmcrop
which tex
which initex
which kpsewhich
which mktexlsr
which pnmflip
which ppmquant
which  pnmfile
which pnmcat
which pbmmake
which ppmtogif
which pnmtopng
which giftrans

cd /usr/local/tempjkl/latex2html-99.2beta6
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/latex2html 

./configure --with-giftrans=/usr/local/bin/giftrans \

It will place latex2html in /usr/local/latex2html 


make check

cd /usr/local/tempjkl/latex2html-99.2beta6

Edited file and changed LOCAL_ICONS from 0 to 1, i.e., to
cd /usr/local/tempjkl/latex2html-99.2beta6

make install

cd /usr/local/tempjkl/latex2html-99.2beta6/example

export PATH
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/usr/local/lib
# added by jkl
  $p = $ENV{'LD_LIBRARY_PATH'} . ':/usr/local/lib';

setenv PATH /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin::/usr/local/teTeX/bin:/home/jkl/bin:/usr/local/latex2html/bin:/usr/local/netpbm
 latex2html -image_type gif -transparent basis

Installing latex2html on Sparc/Solaris

I needed to install the GNUmake for solaris/sparc since my was dated.

cd /usr/local/uploads

gtar zxvf GNUmake.3.78.1.SPARC.32bit.Solaris.7.pkg.tgz      
  # note I did not do any cd here
pkgadd -d`pwd` GNUmake    

before I could install netpbm, I had to install:
JPEG/JFIF library from the Independent JPEG Group (IJG) (
The software is available from:
I downloaded file:
cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4
Then you need the zlib compression libaray: available from
To build or use pnmtopng and pngtopnm, you need the zlib compression
library and the png library (libpng).  You can get zlib from or  You can get libpng from

1) put the jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz in /usr/local/netpbm-8.4
   gtar zxvf jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz
   cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4/jpeg-6b
   followed instructions from install.doc
        ./configure --prefix /usr/local \
                    --enable-shared \
                    --enable-static \
        make test
If that doesn't complain, do
        make install

2) placed zlib-1.1.3.tar.gz in  /usr/local/netpbm-8.4
   (home page for zlib is at:
   cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4
   gtar zxvf zlib-1.1.3.tar.gz
   cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4/zlib-1.1.3
   make test
   make install

   which installs static zlib in /usr/local/lib

   ./configure --shared
   make test
   make install

   which creates the shared library version

3)You can get png library libpng from
  I got it from

  cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4
  gtar zxvf libpng-1.0.6.tar.gz
  cd libpng-1.0.6  
  cp scripts/makefile.std makefile    (note, I did not copy makefile.solaris)
        Looked at it and I liked the defaults (gcc and /usr/local).
  make test
  make install

First, you need a netpbm image conversion library installed (it is
usually not installed by default on Solaris). You need version at least
netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz  (i.e, with the patch 1). I have seen it at:

However, the netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz is unsupported since 1995.
I found that the project was recently revived and the new updated netpbm
is available at

I installed this version as follows.
mkdir /usr/local/netpbm-8.4
cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4

gtar zxvf netpbm-8.4.tgz

mv Makefile Makfile.orig 
cp Makefile.config Makefile
edited Makefile and added close to top:


# JPEGLIB_DIR = /usr/lib/jpeg
JPEGLIB_DIR = /usr/local/lib
# JPEGHDR_DIR = /usr/include/jpeg
JPEGHDR_DIR = /usr/local/include
PNGLIB_DIR = /usr/local/lib
PNGHDR_DIR = /usr/local/include

Left INSTALL_PREFIX = /usr/local/netpbm unchanged since it would clutter
/usr/local/bin (many small utilities).

[heechee]# PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
[heechee]# export PATH
mkdir /usr/local/netpbm

cp SMakefile Makefile
emacs Makefile

# INSTALLBINARIES = Laertes:CCode/netpbm-exec
INSTALLBINARIES = /usr/local/netpbm
# INSTALLMANUALS1 =     sys:netpbm-man/man1
INSTALLMANUALS1 =       /usr/local/man/man1
# INSTALLMANUALS3 =     sys:netpbm-man/man3
INSTALLMANUALS3 =       /usr/local/man/man3
#INSTALLMANUALS5 =      sys:netpbm-man/man5
INSTALLMANUALS5 =       /usr/local/man/man5
# MAKE =                smake
MAKE =          gmake


gtar zxvf netpbm-1mar1994.tar.gz
cd /usr/local/netpbm-8.4/netpbm
cp Pbmplus.tmpl Pbmplus.tmpl.default
emacs Pbmplus.tmpl

#ifndef InstallLibraries
#define InstallLibraries YES
#ifndef InstallIncludes
#define InstallIncludes  YES
        The usual X11 sequence of xmkmf, make Makefiles, make depend, then
          make should work. If you have the TIFF libraries, the second step
          should be "make SUBDIRS='./pbm ./pgm ./ppm ./pnm' Makefiles".
        When you're happy that things compiled ok, make install and

#define SYSV
making Makefiles in ./libtiff...
        mv Makefile Makefile.bak
making Makefiles in ./pbm...
/bin/sh: ./pbm: does not exist
make: [Makefiles] Error 1 (ignored)

        Edit the top-level Makefile, find each line with the string
          "CONFIGURE", and follow the directions for setting configuration
        Likewise edit pbmplus.h.
        If you are using gnu make, you have to edit *all* the Makefiles
          and remove all the imake stuff at the ends, otherwise gnu make
          will overwrite the Makefiles.
        When you're happy that things compiled ok, make install.


Another hint:

       BL\E* (B 
       B>/$/$H$b!$ (BLaTeX2HTMLF    
       B%$%s%9%H!<%k (B 

       # gtar zxvf netpbm-1mar1994.p1.tar.gz
       # cd netpbm-1mar94.p1
       Pbmplus.tmpl        BINDIR = /usr/local/bin/pbmplus
        MANDIR = /usr/local/man
       # xmkmf
       libtiff pbm pgm pnm ppm subdirectory B$K$*$$$F (B
        # xmkmf
        Makefile B$NJT=8 (B
         PBMDIR = ../pbm
         PGMDIR = ../pgm
         PPMDIR = ../ppm
         PNMDIR = ../pnm
         TIFFDIR = ../libtiff
       # make 
       # make install
       # make
              ))) 0$+$9$N$KI,MW$J%i%$%V%i%j! ))


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