5. How to use apt-cache

Besides apt-get there's also apt-cache.

apt-cache is a command to manipulate and obtain information from the packages at apt's cache.

This command is not to be used by common users. You'll like it if you're developing something to be used with apt.

apt-cache add

Adds a package file to the source cache.

apt-cache gencaches

Builds both the package and source cache

apt-cache showpkg

Show some general information for a single package

apt-cache stats

Show some basic statistics

apt-cache dump

Show the entire file in a terse form

apt-cache dumpavail

Print an available file to stdout

apt-cache unmet

Show unmet dependencies

apt-cache check

Check the cache a bit

apt-cache search

Search the package list for a regex pattern

apt-cache show

Show a readable record for the package

apt-cache depends

Show raw dependency information for a package

apt-cache pkgnames

List the names of all packages

apt-cache dotty

Generate package graphs for GraphVis