3. Installing and configuring your system for apt

To use apt you'll have to do the following procedure:

  1. become root user

  2. install the apt package with either rpm -ihv or rpm -Uhv. This package can be obtained from your vendor's site (if he supports apt or maybe even from your distribution CD).

  3. run apt-get update to download the package's database from the default server[1]

  4. run apt-get check, so that apt can verify if your box is OK and all package's dependencies are correctly satisfied

    Note: If your system isn't seriously broken, you'll be able to fix it with apt-get -f install. If its broken, you'll have to fix these dependencies by hand (I mean, using the rpm command) before start using apt.

  5. If everything goes fine, you'll be able to use apt-get's and other apt's commands listed later in this document.



You'll see how to change this server for others later on this document