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WebMagick is a package which supports making image collections
available on the Web. It recurses through directory trees, building
HTML pages and imagemap files to allow the user to navigate through
collections of thumbnail images (somewhat similar to xv's Visual
Schnauzer) and select the image to view with a mouse click (see sample
output). Every effort is made to minimize the bandwidth required
between the server and the browser.

While WebMagick is copyrighted, it is available for free and can be
redistributed without fee.  WebMagick is written in PERL and uses
ImageMagick's PERL extension (PerlMagick).  Since PerlMagick requires
Perl 5.002 or later, WebMagick also requires Perl 5.002 or later.
WebMagick currenly only runs under UNIX-compatable systems.

Obtain PERL version 5 from the Perl Language Home Page at
Obtain ImageMagick from
Obtain PerlMagick from

WebMagick is available via HTTP from

or FTP from
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