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From: (Bogdan Z. Dlugogorski)
Date:  Fri, 8 Feb 91 16:48:29 EST
Subject:  Can I ftp CPC Program library ?

From:  George R Famini <grfamini &$at$& CRDEC4.APGEA.ARMY.MIL>
Date:  Mon, 11 Feb 91 7:58:59 EST
Subject:  Advertisements on the List

From:  Mark Weber <XWEBER[ AT ]utkvx.utk.EDU>
Date:  Mon, 11 Feb 91 09:48 EST
Subject:  commercial ads

From:  jkl -AatT-
Date:  Mon, 11 Feb 91 10:18:09 EST
Subject:  Re; CPC and QCPE program libraries on ftp - no way

From:  lfk #*at*# eastman1.MIT.EDU
Date:  Mon, 11 Feb 91 08:48:53 EST
Subject:  No subject given