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From:  Wong Lai Ho <h9807907 -x- at -x->
Date:  Sat, 10 May 2003 16:53:44 +0800 (HKT)
Subject:  Database of thermodynamic properties of organic compounds

From:  "Jaroslaw Pillardy" <jp86 -AatT->
Date:  Fri, 9 May 2003 13:59:04 -0400
Subject:  New MOIL release (MOIL9)

From:  "Iman Boukhobza" <Iman_boukhobza "at@at">
Date:  Sat, 10 May 2003 08:33:58 +0400
Subject:  Re: CCL:Cartesian convert to Z-matrix?

From:  Grzegorz Bakalarski <grzesb.,at,>
Date:  Sat, 10 May 2003 15:47:43 +0200
Subject:  Re: CCL:AIM keyword in G03