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Set your CCL Mail Preferences

For computer security reasons you need to retype this number: GIF TEST in this box: . Your request will not be accepted without it.

To enter/modify your personal filter criteria for CCL mail you need to authenticate first. Before you attempt to do it, you have to read the instructions at: This is a convoluted and user unfriendly process and you need to understand what you are doing.


Each message that you receive from CCL contains special sequences that only you (i.e., receipient of CCL mail) should know. Your mail reading program usually provides you with this information. Check under options like: View Header, Message Source, etc., or hit h in pine program. You need to find one of two lines: the complete To: line (that should show your name, CCL id and e-mail address) and/or the Message-Id: line (that has some sequences that can confirm your identity). Enter one or both of these lines in the fields below:
To: line (e.g.: To: "Smith, John Edward -id#3c2-" <>)
Message-Id: line (you only need the stuff that follows the keyword): (e.g.: <>)
Now, please click on and if your values were correct, you will be directed to the page that allows you to enter regular expressions and their weights that will decide which CCL messages are sent to you.

Thank you for participating in CCL discussions.
CCL Administrators