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From:  Andrew Ryzhkov <andrew.-at-.zephyr.meteo.McGill.CA>
Date:  Thu, 22 May 2003 18:59:56 -0400
Subject:  ViewMol3D new version is available

Dear CCL people,

I glad to present for your attention the new version of my program -
                        the ViewMol3D 4.02

In short, it is a very small OpenGL viewer of molecular structures from
output files of some quantum chemical packages like Gaussain and GAMESS.
It is possible to view various models (e.g. ball'n'stick, CPK), vectors
(gradient and oscillation), measure parameters (bond length, angles), etc.

The main page of the ViewMol3D

Changes history of the program can be found at

Download sites:

Best regards,

 Dr. Andrei Ryjkov
 Departments of Chemistry,
 and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences,
 McGill University,
 805 Sherbrooke St. West #808
 Montreal, Quebec, CANADA,
 H3A 2K6.
 Phone: +1(514)398-8867
 Fax:   +1(514)398-6115
 E-mail:  Andrew.-at-.Zephyr.Meteo.McGill.Ca

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