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This CCL service allows you to support CCL and increase traffic to your Web site. [more...].

CCL reserves the right not to place certain logos and links, or to discontinue display of the logo and link on its Web site without providing any justifications or reasons for doing so. If such cases ever arise, the initial payment (or the remaining balance) will be returned to the requestor.

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This form will generate an invoice (1000 USD per year or 100 USD per month) for payment that depends on the requested period for the logo/link to be displayed.

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Please provide information needed to create Logo/Link display on the CCL Web site.

Select the CCL page where you want your Logo/Link placed (e.g., The space on the top of the page is often limited and provided on the "first come first served" basis. If this space is currently occupied, the logo will be placed on the left navigation bar (if the logo image can fit this space) or at the bottom of the page.

Select CCL Web Page where you want your Logo/Link placed:

Enter the complete URL (link) to your company Web Page that should be linked to the logo (the click on the logo image will direct visitor's browser to this page). For example: :

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Up to three words to be placed above your Logo for everyone to see (skip the Incs, LLCs, Industries, etc.). For example: [WorldMolSoft], [WorldMolSoft Software], or [QuickMol by WorldMolSoft].
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Upload the file with the image of the logo (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) or provide a link to the Logo image on the Web (or to the Web page that contains the logo, e.g.: You may also provide both. To learn how to get the logo image from your Oragnization's Web page click here . Note that the logo image has to be small. Larger images will have to be resized so they do not to exceed about 150 pixels in either width or height. It is desirable to work with the original image of small size since during resizing images may loose their quality.

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Please enter the date when your Logo/Link should be removed from the CCL Web site (up to one year) counting from today's date (ajustment of the date will be made when the Logo is actually placed on the CCL Web page). The charge for this service is 100 USD/month or 1000 USD/year and will be rounded to the closest 100.

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