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From Wed Jan 29 23:55:00 EST 1997
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 23:56:34 -0400
From: (Vincent A. Durante)
Subject: 97.07.20 1997 Gordon Conference on Catalysis

     Dear Catalysis Scientist:

     The Gordon Conference on Catalysis is regarded by many as the premier
     annual conference in the field.  Some of you may have heard that the
     Gordon Conference administration had sought to change the conference
     frequency to a biennial event rather than an annual meeting this past
     year.  Although this had been proposed, the Gordon Board of Trustees
     decided to retain the annual frequency of the meeting, at least for
     the near future.  Consequently, the 1997 Gordon Conference on
     Catalysis WILL be held, but at a time and place different from the
     usual time/location.

     Feel free to copy and distribute the announcement and program.

     See you in New Hampshire!

     Vince Durante

        FAX:   610-859-5980
        VOICE: 610-859-5881


Plymouth State College
Plymouth, New Hampshire, USA

July 20 to July 25, 1997

Vincent A. Durante, Chair
Sun Company, Inc.
Research and Development
P.O. Box 1135
Marcus Hook, PA 19061-0835, USA
VOICE:  (610) 859-5881
FAX:  (610) 859-5980

Information and registration forms may be obtained from
the offices of the Gordon Research Conferences by mail
or on-line at:

Gordon Research Conferences
University of Rhode Island
P.O. Box 984
West Kingston, RI 02892-0984, USA
(401) 783-4011 or 3372
FAX:  (401) 783-7644
World Wide Web Site:  HTTP://WWW.GRC.URI.EDU

Please submit application before June 6, 1997
Early application is recommended

1997 Gordon Conference on Catalysis
Vincent A. Durante, Chair;   Raymond L. Gorte, Vice Chair

Robert L. Augustine- Seton Hall University
Enantioselective Heterogeneous Catalysis 

Amir Hoveyda- Boston College
New Approaches to the Development of Enantioselective Catalysts 

John N. Armor- Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
New Developments in Environmental Catalysis 
Walter T. Reichle- Union Carbide Corporation
Discussion Leader, Metallocene-Based Polymerization Catalysis 

Manfred Bochmann- University of Leeds
Highly Electrophilic Metallocenes: Towards Well-Defined
Polymerisation Catalysts 

William J. Evans- University of California at Irvine
Field Desorption Mass Spectrometric Studies of Olefin
Polymerization by Lanthanide Metallocenes 

Richard  F. Jordan- University of Iowa
Organometallic Aspects of Metallocene-Based Olefin
Polymerization Catalysis 

Kenneth J. Balkus, Jr.- University of Texas at Dallas
Oxidation Using Host-Guest Complexes 

Gabriele Centi- Universita di Bologna; Universita di Messina
Surface Reaction Network and Active Sites in Propane
Ammoxidation to Acrylonitrile on V-Sb Oxides 

Kiyoshi Otsuka- Tokyo Institute of Technology
Electrocatalytic Activation of Oxygen for Oxygenation
of Aromatics and Alkanes 

Nathalie Marchal- Insitut Francais du Petrol
Structure-Activity Relationship in MoS2/Alumina
Hydrotreating Catalysts 

Warren J. Smith- BP Chemicals Limited
Novel Routes to Acetic Acid 

Steve M. Augustine-Quantum Chemical Company
Vinyl Acetate Catalysis: Fundamental Studies
To Commercial Improvements 

Daniel E. Resasco- University of Oklahoma
CO2 Reforming of Methane on Pt/Sn Catalysts 

Jose A. Rodriguez- Brookhaven National Laboratory
The Interaction of Sulfur with Model Bimetallic
Catalysts: Photoemission and Time-Resolved XRD Studies 

Gabor A. Somorjai- University of California at Berkeley
New Model Catalysts (Pt /Nanoparticles) and New Techniques
(SFG and STM) for Studies of Reaction Intermediates and Surface
Restructuring at High Pressure During Catalytic	Reactions 

Alexander Pines-University of California at Berkeley
Magnetic Moments in Catalysis 

Additional  Short Presentations To Be Selected From Among Posters
All participants are invited to contribute posters


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