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From Thu Sep  5 10:13:00 EDT 1996
From: <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 1996 09:52:45 EDT
Subject: 97.06.28 ACS Central Regional Meeting - Midland MI

  Dow Corning Corp.
SUBJECT: Call for papers, 1997 ACS Central Regional Meeting
Call for Papers:

A symposium titled Computational Tools for Todays Chemist will be held at
1997 ACS Central Regional meeting in Midland, Michigan during May 28 - 30,
1997.  The topics include materials properties, drug design and method
development using computational chemistry and molecular modeling tools.  The
organizers would like to focus on how the computational tools contribute to the
successful applications in their research and development both in industries
and academia.  The due data for an abstract with 200 to 300 words in standard
ACS abstract format is December 31, 1996.  The organizers also need one or two
invited speakers for this symposium, and welcome volunteers and suggestions
about the possible candidate.

Please send abstracts and questions regarding this session to:
C. Peter Qian
Process Engineering - CO41B1
Dow Corning Corporation
Midland, MI 48686
Tel: (517)496-6938
Fax  (517)496-5121

 C. Peter Qian
 NITC EXPR CTR, CO41B1, Dow Corning Corp.
 Midland, MI 48686-0994, Tel. (517)496-6938, Fax (517)496-5121


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