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From Tue Oct  8 15:03:00 EDT 1996
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Date: Tue, 08 Oct 1996 14:17:26 -0400
From: Vladimir Gusev <>
Subject: 97.03.24 Porous Materials: from Angstroms to Millimeters


        This information may be of interest to those in the chemical
community, who deals with porous materials.

TRI/Princeton Workshop, March 24-26, 1997, Princeton, NJ, USA

  Characterization of Porous

  from Angstroms to

The workshop will provide state-of-the-art approaches to characterize
porous materials of different origin in the range over six decades of
magnitude from angstroms to millimeters.

Lectures by recognized leaders of science and technology will include
both the theoretical principles and the methodology of modern
experimental techniques. 

The workshop will also provide demonstrations of capabilities of advanced
adsorption, mercury, and liquid porosimeters and related analytical
instruments, including software programs for calculating pore structure
parameters and predicting engineering properties of porous materials. 

Round table discussion sessions will be organized on typical
applications, including microporous solids, nanoporous regular
structures, disordered materials and fractals, soft and deformable
fibrous materials.

The workshop is intended for qualified scientists and engineers who are
involved in research and development of processes where porous materials
play a key role. Industrial implications include monitoring, control,
design and manufacture of the adsorbents, catalysts, fibers, textiles,
coatings, soils, etc. for optimal performance of catalysis, separations,
paper-making and printing, oil-recovery, pollution control, soil/water
remediation, drying, hemo-sorption, respiratory protection, powder,
nonwovens and other technologies. 

The registration fee is $595 per person ($495 per person for registrants
from the TRI corporate/assosiate members and for multiple registrants
from the same organization). The fee includes admission to all sessions,
workshop materials, lunch and refreshments. 

Workshop chairman: Alexander V. Neimark Tel: 609 924 3150, ext.17; Fax:
609 6837149; E-mail: 


Vladimir Gusev
601 Prospect Ave, P.O. Box 625
Princeton, NJ 08542, USA
Tel: (609) 924-3150
Fax: (609) 683-7149


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