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From Thu Jan  2 14:28:00 EST 1997
From: "Goodin, Bill" <>
Subject: 97.03.10 "Java/JavaScript  for Science and Engineering Problems"

Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 11:26:00 -0800

On March 10-14, 1997, UCLA Extension will present the short course,
"Java/JavaScript Applied to Scientific and Engineering Problems", on the
UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

The instructors are Bruce Chapman, PhD, Member Technical Staff, Jet
Propulsion Laboratory (, and Victor B.
MSEE, Member Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Course topics include:
Java:  objects, primitives, classes; simple I/O, AWT, GUI; applets vs.
applications; file management; streams and threads; networking;
graphics, animation, audio; databases.
JavaScript:  arrays, loops, debugging, interfaces/plugins;
Security, net-based operating systems.

This course features extensive lab time which is devoted to exercises to
demonstrate functionality and usage of the Java and JavaScript languages
for science and engineering applications.

The course should enable participants to:
o	Develop their own Java applets and applications
o	Develop their own JavaScript enhanced web pages
o	Develop an understanding of how Java and JavaScript may be
applied to a variety of science and engineering problems.

C and/or C++ programming experience is required, as well as a
with the World Wide Web.

The course fee is $1495, which includes extensive course materials.
These materials are for participants only and are not for sale.

For additional information and a complete course description, please
contact Marcus Hennessy at:

(310) 825-1047
(310) 206-2815   fax

This course may also be presented on-site at company locations.


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