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From amber-request@cgl.ucsf.EDU Fri Apr  4 11:56 EST 1997
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From: (Kathy Shippos)
Subject: 97.06.02 Virtual Workshop --Using Scientific Visualization offered by CTC
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Cornell Theory Center

CTC Virtual Workshop
Using Scientific Visualization
June 2-27, 1997
Registration deadline: May 1, 1997

Cornell Theory Center (CTC) has expanded its successful Virtual Workshop
(VW) series to include visualization.  This four week workshop introduces
concepts of scientific visualization and shows how to visualize four
general categories of data.  Hands on examples use IBM's Data Explorer (DX).

The VW allows you to learn new concepts in high performance computing and
visualization at your own pace from your own machine.

Details and registration can be found at:

Kathy Shippos
Conference Assistant
Cornell Theory Center
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY  14853
(607) 254-8640

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