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From Wed Apr  2 12:33 EST 1997
From: Helen Schofield <>
Subject: 97.07.09 Intranets Explained - meeting announcement
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                    INTRANETS EXPLAINED

Following the success of this meeting last year, we are offering it 
again on the East side of the Pennines!

What are Intranets? What can they do for your organisation? What are 
the costs and benefits? If you want to find out without having to go 
to London, come to this IIS Northern Branch event.

Date: 9th July, 1997
Time: 2-4p.m.
Venue: Medical Lecture Theatre, Level 7, Worsley Medical Building, 
University of Leeds

Cost: 35 pounds for IIS members, 45 pounds for non-members (both 
including VAT)

Speakers: Paul Blackmore (Internet Librarian and Webmaster, Wirral 
Metropolitan College); Paul will explain the basics and demonstrate a 
case study
JBS Computer Systems Ltd, Congleton, a multimedia company who will 
demonstrate their Intranet products to give examples of what is 
available at present.

A lively questions and answers session is expected.   

*******To book please fax Monica Anderton on 01434-682019*******
(IIS Registered Charity No.: 1000828)

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