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From Fri Apr 25 16:56 EDT 1997
From: Jeffrey.Nauss@UC.Edu (Jeffrey L. Nauss)
Subject: 98.07.12 XIVth Int Conf Phosphorus Chemistry
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The XIVth International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry will be held in
Cincinnati, Ohio (U.S.A.) on July 12-17, 1998.  The scope of this conference
will cover phosphorus-related chemistry and will include a session on
theoretical aspects of phosphorus chemistry.

The main WWW site for this conference is at URL

You may preregister for the conference at that URL.  Further information is
shown below.  Please consider attending this important international meeting.

About ICPC14...

You are cordially invited to attend the XIVth International Conference
on Phosphorus Chemistry, to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio (U.S.A.) on
July 12-17, 1998. Dr. Frank H. (Hal) Ebetino, Procter & Gamble
Pharmaceuticals, is the General Chairman of the meeting. The conference
is typically attended by scientists from over 30 countries. The
expected ICPC14 attendance is 500 to 600.The meeting will cover
phosphorus-related chemistry in a wide range of disciplines. Examples
of areas and topics covered in previous ICPC sessions can be found
here. As the program of ICPC14 is developed (send your input to Hal or
to Charles McKenna), the general areas, topics and emphases of the meeting
will be found on this page.


As in previous meetings, all aspects of phosphorus chemistry will be
represented. However, our aim will be to give special emphasis to
biomedical and industrial applications.

Main Topics

    Phosphorus In Organic Synthesis & Stereochemistry
    Structure and Reactivity of Organic Phosphorus Compounds
    Inorganic Phosphorus, New Materials
    Phosphorus Coordination Compounds and Their Use in Catalysis
    Phospholipids in Membranes, Lyposomes and Other Organized Systems
    Phosphorus Compounds in Medicinal Chemistry
    31P NMR in Biological Systems
    Nucleotides-Chemistry and Delivery-From Basics to Therapy
    Phosphorylated Proteins
    Phosphorus Chemistry in Agriculture, Industry and Materials Sciences
    Theoretical Aspects of Phosphorus Chemistry
    Dental and Medicinal Chemistry of Calcium Phosphates and Bisphosphonates

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  Department of Chemistry         e-mail: Jeffrey.Nauss@UC.Edu    
  University of Cincinnati        URL  

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