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From Fri May  2 15:48 EDT 1997
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Subject: 97.06.03 to 25 Tripos Seminars: Pharma Res & Web 
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Tripos, Inc. and Silicon Graphics, Inc. are hosting a 
worldwide series of seminars in June.  

Don't miss this free seminar that will help you exploit
new chemistry Web tools and internet strategies for drug
discovery.  The Interaction Seminar Series is a worldwide forum
highlighting Web application and server development tools that
bridge the gap between pharmaceutical research and powerful
Web technologies.

Tripos, Inc. - specialists in cheminformatics - and Silicon Graphics -
the leader in Web server technology - will teach you:

* How to customize applications for your on-site intranet 
* The best ways to implement this technology for discovery
* How to effectively facilitate communication in your research group
* New methods to manage and analyze the large volumes of research data...

    and much much more.


Introductions and Corporate Overview - Michael Sullivan (Tripos)
Innovative Web Technologies - Trevor Heritage (Tripos)
Infrastructure for Collaborative Research - David Zirl (SGI)
Web Tools for Collaborative Chemistry - Kevin Koboldt (Tripos)
Open Discussion and Q/A Session - Michael Sullivan

Seminar Locations and Dates:

June 3    Basel, Switzerland
June 4    Frankfurt, Germany
June 5    London, England
          (near Hitchin, Herts, UK)

June 17  Somerset, New Jersey
June 19  San Francisco, California
         (Redwood City, CA)

June 24  Tokyo, Japan
June 25  Osaka, Japan

We will be happy to e-mail or fax you more information regarding the
seminars, specific times, and locations.

***************************************************************** **
Space is limited, so make your reservations today.

In the United States:
(800) 323-2960 or e-mail:

In the UK:
44-1908-507-333 or fax 44-1908-507-444

In Germany (to register for the Basel and Frankfurt seminars):
49-89-45-10-300 or fax 49-89-45-10-3030

In Japan:
81-3-54-88-18-31 or fax 81-3-54-20-70-40

We hope you will join us to hear about exciting new
chemistry applications using Web technologies.


Malcolm A. Cline
Senior Marketing Scientist
Tripos, Inc.

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