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From Thu May  1 20:48 EDT 1997
From: (Raul E. Cachau)
Subject: 97.06.17 Quantum Chemistry Symposium
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          Quantum Chemistry Symposium on Current Aspects of    
                     Open-Shell Calculations                 
       An open discussion of Methods, Applications, Problems
                      and Future Directions
                           June 17, 1997
                     Building 549 Auditorium
                     National Cancer Institute
             Frederick Biomedical Supercomputer Center
                     Frederick, Maryland, USA

  Posters, e-Posters and Oral Presentations will be  available in a
  full day activity where leading experts in quantum chemistry will
  discuss their most recent results in this fast developing area of
  research. All  activities  including Posters, Talks abstracts and
  e-Posters will be indexed by The  Molecular Modeling e-Conference
  (TMMeC, ISSN 0797-9274). Registration is in electronic form only.
  There is  no registration fee for this symposium. Access  our WWW
  page for more details (see address below).

  Speakers Include

       Yuri Abashkin (Catalysis, NCI, FBSC)
       Eric Billings (QM/MM Methods, NIH, DCRT)
       Bill Glauser (PS-GVB, Schroedinger Inc.)
       Benny Johnson (Q-Chem)
       Martina Kieninger (Chemical Nucleases, MTCL)
       Morris Krauss (RNase A, CARB)
       Greg Tawa (Reaction Field Calculations, NCI, FBSC)
       Igor Topol (MP2 and DFT calculations, NCI, FBSC)
       Oscar Ventura (Radicals and DFT, MTCL)


  To access the symposium WWW page in USA enter:


  and look for the symposium icon (a shell) on the top-left  corner
  of the page. From outside USA find the mirror of TMMeC closest to
  your place in any of these locations:


  When you have  access TMMeC, look for the symposium icon (a shell)
  on the top-left corner of the page.

  Important Dates:

       Registration deadline: June 12, 1997
       Electronic-Posters submission deadline: June 5, 1997
       Discussion of the electronic Posters open: June 13, 1997
       Symposium date: June 17, 1997

  Address of the Symposium

       Dr. Raul E. Cachau
       Frederick Biomedical Supercomputer Center
       Building 430
       Frederick, MD 21702-1201
       Fax:    USA-(301)-846-5762
       Phone:  USA-(301)-846-6062


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