Detail instructions on posting Conference announcements to CCL Web site.

I am getting emails asking me how to announce a conference to the CCL Web site. Please carefully read the explanations below, and if it is still unclear, ask me a clarifying question.

Jan Labanowski
CCL Manager
jkl at ccl dot net

  1. Go to page: . You will see a number of conferences/meetings advertised there. These announcements were created by chemists themselves (not me!) who wanted to advertise their conferences. Click on some of these links to see what is a popular format for these announcements. They usually start from the conference title, location and dates at the top, and are followed by the details of the conference (topics, session titles, speakers, submission deadlines, etc.). But the announcement and its content is up to you.
  2. In some word processor (say Windows Notepad), create a similar overview for your conference. Note, if you use a simple text announcement format (recommended) you HAVE TO include explicit line breaks, so no text line is longer than about 70 characters. If you use MS Products for some reason (like MS Word, or whatever they sell), they call line breaks paragraphs for marketing purposes and it is hard to create actual line breaks. In MS lingo, the paragraph is a long line of text without line breaks. In this case use paragraphs. Use only plain text and plain Latin characters (no diacritical marks and/or accents). Note:: if you use the plain text format, the links starting from http:// or https:// will be automatically converted to HTML links in the resulting conference announcement page. If you use the HTML format, you know what to do, so I will save you the explanations.
  3. Go to the link [Submit New Conference] at the top of the page in 1). You can also go directly to the submission page at: and carefully read the instructions. Note, this links are slow so give them time to load. There are also additional links there that explain formatting in details. Note, placing the conference announcement on the CCL list is free. However, I will also gladly accept donations for CCL (that are completely voluntary). Once you read the instructions, start filling in the blanks on the submission page. The [Synopsis] is the title of the conference, like those that you saw in 1). Now Copy/Paste the text that you produced in 2) to the [Conference Description] box. Click on [Submit]. On the next page, review your announcement, and if it looks fine, click on [Accept]. You will also have an option to make corrections to your announcement.
  4. After you [Accept] the conference, you should get an email asking you for confirmation and review. The email will have instructions on what to do next. After clicking on the appropriate link in this email, you will have your conference announcement posted on the CCL Web site. You will get another email that confirms your posting and provides a link to view it.

You can also post the information about the conference to the Subscribers of CCL Mailing list. This option is COMPLETELY independent from the Web conference announcement described above. If you still have the text of the conference handy (you produced it in point 2) above), just send an email to chemistry at ccl . net, with the Subject that is a title/synopsis of the conference, and the body of the email should be your conference description from the point 2) above. Once the email is sent, you should get a request for confirmation that you need to process by clicking on the corresponding link in the email. Then, the message will be posted to the subscribers of CCL, though it may need to be first approved by me (that is there may be some delay before the message is actually sent).