How to get an image (or its URL) from a Web page?

If a logo image is displayed on your company / group / personal page, you can usually save it on your local computer with a web browser:

You can now use the [Browse] option in the Web form to upload the logo from your computer to the CCL server. Find the logo file on your computer and open/select it. This should place the path to the image file in the file upload field on the CCL form page:

You can also find the URL (Web address) of the image file.

If this does not work:

Unfortunately, sometimes the images are displayed through special JavaScript effects and tricks. In such cases, you need to be a guru, or to ask a nearby almighty computer guru for help. It usually requires an analysis of the actual source of the Web page/frame that contains the logo. If the guru is not available, please provide me with the URL of the page that contains the logo, and I will try to figure it out (yes... I am a guru {:-)} ...).