faculty position

to: chemistry(-(at)-)ccl.net
 University of Kentucky expects to close applications for Molecular
 Modeling/Computational Medicinal Chemistry  position March 1.
 A tenure track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level for a
 computational medicinal chemist is open in the Division of Medicinal Chemistry
 and Pharmaceutics.  This position involves a joint appointment in the UK
 Center for Computational Sciences, directed by Dr. John Connolly, and
 includes  access to the Center supercomputer.  The applicant should be proficie
 nt in the use of empirical and ab initio methods for the design of new drug
 entities, and should possess expertise in the application of parallel processin
 g and quantum chemical programs to macromolecular systems.  The person should
 have an interest in working with medicinal chemist colleagues in applying
 computational methods to solving problems in drug design, molecular dynamics of
  proteins and nucleic acids, and biophysical factors in the formulation and
 quality control of pharmacologically active proteins.  It is expected that
 the successful applicant will establish a vigorous research program funded
 by extramural support, will participate in teaching in the professional and
 graduate degree programs, and will guide graduate and post-doctoral students.
 Applicants should possess a Ph.D. in either medicinal chemistry, biophysics,
 physical or theoretical chemistry, or a related field.  Relevant post-doctoral
 experience is a requirement.
 Send resume and the names and addresses of three references to Dr. H. B.
 Kostenbauder, Director, Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutics,
 College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40536-0082,
 FAX 606-257-2128, harry.kostenbauder(-(at)-)ukwang.uky.edu