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         In reference to the query (and the following response) for
 information about vendors of ESR simulation programs:
 >Hello, I saw your request for information posted to the chemistry (+ at +)
 >list.  The following is from the "The Software Directory", one of
 the many
 >files I search in Dialog Information Services (information retrieval being
 >one of a number of things I do at my small-medium size company).  I have
 >no personal experience with these particular programs (does anyone else
 >there?).  Hope this is enough for your needs (and with the hope that this
 >doesn't get into the commercial product controversy).
 >               -Chuck McFarland
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 Most ESR spectroscopists are very forthcoming with simulation codes - I, as
 do many of my colleagues, use a variety of programs - many tailored for
 specific purposes or cpu platforms. I would suggest that you contact an ESR
 person in your corner of the world and discuss your project. I would think
 the nearest "guru" to you would be John Pilbrow at Monash University.
 generally, the International EPR/ESR) Society is forming a Standing
 Committee on Software (Richard Cammack, Kings College London).
 The Society may be contacted c/o Linn Belford (belford (+ at +) uiucscs.BITNET).
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