Chemical Safety/ MSDS database

We keep an ASCII file of all chemicals in my lab by location with supplier,
 quantity, purchase date, and toxic properties.  We add to the list when
 new items are acquired and delete from it when something is used up.  Careful
 maintenance obviates the need for re-inventory-ing frequently.  The simple
 ASCII file means that a mainframe, mini, or micro can keep it, that it can
 be searched by any text processor, and can be imported into various databases.
 MSDS are kept in a binder in my office with appropriate chemical safety
 Aldrich Chemical Company sells an almost exhaustive collection of MSDS and
 other safety information on CD-ROM.  It's a bit pricey, but might serve
 your needs.  Otherwise, Sigma Chemical has a 1-800 number that one can use
 to search for compounds, formulae, and cursory safety information via modem.
 Finally, my experience is that the best and most extensive safety programs
 are in the chemical industry.  You may find Dow, Chlorox, Upjohn, Merck,
 Baker, etc. to be the best source of the information your looking for.
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