Staff crystallographer position open at UC

    The Chemistry Department of the University of Cincinnati is
 searching for an expert in X-Ray crystallography to supervise its
 structure determination service.  Hardware includes a
 Nicolet/Siemens R3 diffractometer and a microVAX II computer
 networked to the University computing system.  Significant
 experience in X-Ray crystallography and a PhD is required.
 Postdoctoral experience and/or experience directing such a
 facility are desirable.  Preference will be given to candidates
 with experience as system manager of a multiuser computer and/or
 in the field of molecular modeling.  This is a permanent staff
 position and carries full fringe benefits.  Applicants should
 send a resume and request that three letters of recommendation be
 sent to Professor Estel D. Sprague, Department of Chemistry,
 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0172.  The
 University of Cincinnati is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
 Action employer.