Re: LabVision $2500

I am (jkl \\at// forwarding commercial announcement since it is
 Tripos' Computer-Aided Molecular Design software program, LabVision, is only
 $2500 until September 30, 1991.  This is an introductory price and after Sept.
 30 LabVision will cost over $10,000. LabVision is designed specifically for use
 by bench scientists and educators.  Its intuitive interface allows even the
 casual user to easily build, visualize, and compare molecules. The main benefit
 to scientists is that they can streamline their synthesis (e.g. by computing
 spatial relationships between functional groups) to make compounds which have a
 higher probability of having target properties.  Scientists can readily compute
 structures which have low energies and uncover conformations which are more
 likely to exist.  Interfaces with programs such as MOPAC and the Brookhaven
 Protein Data Bank are provided.  High quality presentation capabilities include
 support of both color and black and white PostScript output.  Available on
 Vax/VMS, SGI, ESV, and IBM all with Mac/PC extensions.
 Please contact Kathy Clark at 800-323-2960 or by E-mail (kathy \\at//