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 Molecular Science Research Center, Battelle, Pacific Northwest
 Laboratory has an opening post-doctoral position in molecular
 dynamics simulations of clusters and aqueous solutions starting
 in early 1992. The research position will involve:
 	development of nonadditive intermolecular potentials
 	for water-water and ion-water interactions using
 	molecular dynamics methods.
 	development and/or implementation of methodology to
 	study solvation of ions at liquid water-vapor
 	interfaces, and to calculate the interionic potentials
 	of mean force and related dynamical and thermodynamic
 	properties of ionic solutions.
 Interested applicants should send resume and brief description
 of research interests, and have three letters of reference
 forwarded to Dr. Liem X. Dang or Dr. Bruce Garrett, Molecular
 Science Research Center, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratory,
 P.O. Box 999, MS-K2-18, Richland, WA 99352.  Postdoctoral
 appointments are made through the Northwest College and
 University Association for Science (NORCUS) for one year and
 are renewable for up to two additional years.
 Internet addresses:	bc_garrett.,at,.pnl.gov