molecular mechanics

      I have received the following request for information regarding
 molecular modeling software for a Sun 160 workstation.  Please send
 responses directly to bergmark - at - ithaca.bitnet. I would also appreciate it
 if you would copy your response to me at bply - at -
 I will summarize for the list.  Thanks,
                                  Evi Goldfield, CNSF
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 Donna suggested that I contact you with my question.  We have in the department
 a Sun 160 workstation that we would like to use for simple molecular mechanics.
 What I'm thinking about is something undergraduates could use without great
 difficulty. I have used some Macintosh software- PCModel and Chem3D Plus which
 seem appropriate.  We'd like something useful for undergraduate instruction,
 not too expensive, etc.  Any suggestions?  Where to but? Thanks a lot.
 Bill Bergmark - Bergmark - at - Ithaca