Workshop announcement

               Visualization in the Chemistry Classroom
               Workshop for High School Chemistry Teachers
 The National Center for Supercomputing Applications, with funding from the
 National Science Foundation (pending), is developing prototype classroom
 activities and materials designed to introduce high performance computing
 and data visualization into high school chemistry classes.  The interactive
 activities are based on visualizations obtained by students and teachers
 using NCSA's Cray supercomputer connected to a local workstation through a
 network or a telephone connection.
 The general chemistry student population is our target audience.  The
 project is being developed in conjunction with four chemistry teachers from
 local high schools and will expand nationwide this summer.  As part of this
 expansion, NCSA will conduct two one-week long workshops for interested
 high school chemistry teachers during the summer of 1992; NSF will provide
 support for travel and living expenses.  Successful candidates will have a
 chemistry background, will be committed to innovation in the classroom, and
 will demonstrate both interest and ability to collaborate with colleagues.
 Applications will be accepted through the end of April 1992.  This program
 will result in a more intimate relationship between high school chemistry
 education and current trends in the professional use of available
 technology.  NCSA will maintain contact with all participants.
 One of the modules nearing completion centers on the visualization of
 electron densities and of atomic bonding.  Other modules will deal with
 solutions, gases, and crystallization.  Interested teachers may develop
 additional modules.  To obtain more information about this project and
 solicit participation in the workshops, please contact Igor Livshits at
 Igor Livshits
 The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
 152 Computer Applications Building
 605 East Springfield Avenue
 Champaign, Illinois  61820
 Telephone: (217) 244-5606
 Electronic mail: igorl (+ at +)