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 Subject: AMSOL on UNIX platforms.
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 Dear netters,
 I am interested in the AMSOL package for incorporating solvent effects into
 semi-empirical calculations (AM1). The package is described in J. Amer.
 Chem. Soc. vol 113, 8552 (1991) and vol 113, 8305 (1991).
 I have e-mailed QCPE and the one of the authors Chris Cramer. AMSOL is a CRAY
 program but I would like to run it on a Silicon Graphics or SUN/SPARC
 Has anyone out their ported AMSOL to a more general UNIX platform. Chris Cramer
 has pointed out the following possible problems.
 >The only barriers are getting all of the
 >double precision function calls and double precision type variables to
 >agree (since the Cray is a 32 bit machine, we compile with double
 >precision disabled, and the problem is avoided). This is tedious, but
 >very straightforward. Additionally, one or two matrix manipulation
 >subroutines (e.g. one called MXM) have to be added to replace the
 >Cray library routines. These are again fairly straightforward.
 If anyone has achieved the port and are willing to distribute it would they
 kindly let me know ? It would also be nice to let QCPE distribute the ported
 version and make AMSOL available to a wider audience.
 Best Wishes
 Mark J. Forster
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