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  I've been trying to get Dan Severance's PSI88 package working on an
 SGI 4D/360 GTX, and run into a snag which I hope someone can help with.
   The PSI88 distribution comes with subroutine libraries to generate
 Calcomp, HPGL, PostScript and GKS plots.  Unfortunately, what I need
 most are libraries for Tektronix 4010/4014 and/or SGI GL, and while
 I've seen these at some other sites (as binaries, and not on SGI machines)
 I haven't been able to find the sources.
   If anyone can point me toward these I (and some of our post-docs) would
 be grateful.
   Kurt Hillig
   Department of Chemistry
   University of Michigan
   Ann Arbor, MI
   Kurt.Hillig (+ at +) um.cc.umich.edu