Performance comparisons question

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 >From jev Wed Feb 26 11:30:51 1992
 >Date: Wed, 26 Feb 92 08:30:08 -0800
 >From: jev (Jayasankar Variyar)
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 Dear Netters,
 I have access to a Cyber-840(?), an Apollo 9000, and and 486/33(running
 Dos/Windows3.0).  I would like to get the performance ratings for these machines
 realtive to a VAX-780.  I will be running MD simulations (simple pair
 potentials) on these machines.  Also what would be the best Fortran compiler for
 the PC?  I can get Microsoft Fortran 5.1, but how does it compare to Lahey/
 Watfor compilers?
 Jayasankar E. Variyar
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