lost paper

        I've never quite seen the list used for the following before, but I
 might as well give it a shot...
        We had a paper accepted for publication by the Structural Chemistry
 journal (Eds: Art Greenberg & Istvan Hargittai) sometime around late spring
 of last year, but haven't seen any sight of it since. The paper is entitled
 something like "Rotational Barrier Heights in Ethene Thiol: An ab initio
 study" ... its been so long I can't quite remember the exact title! The
 authors are C.Plant, J.E.Boggs, G.A.Williams, & J.N.Macdonald.
     I do not have access to an appropriate library here, so my questions
 are as follows;
 1) If anyone has ready access to this journal and has seen the paper (it
 really "should" be out by now), can you let me know the reference
 as we need it for a grant proposal.
 2) If no one has seen the paper, can someone tell me an e-mail address
 for Art Greenberg (Rutgers, NJ) so I can press him for more details.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
          Chris Plant
          Scientific Applications Support
          Atlas Centre
          Rutherford Appleton Labs (UK).
          email cp5 "-at-" ib.rl.ac.uk