RE: New Journal of Molecular Modeling

The comments, both pro and con, to having a new journal has been very
 interesting.  After thinking about it for a while (and reading what
 others think...), I thought I'd add my two cents worth.  As others have
 mentioned, there are quite a number of journals either dedicated to
 molecular modeling and computational chemistry, or who readily accept
 this type of article (ever count how many molecular modeling or
 computational chemistry articles typically appear in a JACS issue?).
 Therefore, I would have to question the purpose of the journal.  The one
 positive aspect I see is that there is no ACS journal dedicated to this
 subject.  It would be nice to have that.  Rather than starting a new journal,
 how about modifying and renaming JCICS?  Bill, correct me if I'm wrong,
 but hasn't article submissions, subscriptions, etc, been down on JCICS in
 the last several years?
 					George R. Famini
 					U.S. Army CRDEC
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