Re: MD movies

David C. Doherty wrote:
 >I'd like to suggest that perhaps Apple's QuickTime format might
 >be a viable medium for distributing movies, etc.  The format is
 >available from Apple, and perhaps we could encourage the
 >computational chemistry software vendors to output to this format.
 >Then we could mail (ftp) movies across the net.  These files can
 >be viewed by any PICT aware application on the mac, and perhaps
 >some clever X-programmer will soon write an X11 quicktime
 >application so that we can view these things on an X-server.
 Some time ago on this list Todd Wipke of UCSC,
 <compchem-: at :-SECS.UCSC.EDU>, announced package, written exactly
 for a purpose of displaying and sharing e-mailable MD movies, called
 MAGIC. As I was among the alpha testers of this software, I've used it
 rather intensively, and I was stunned by the ease of use and quality of
 display even on the low end PC-DOS machines. Since then [mid 91']
 they probably developed ports for most available platforms [Mac
 version was available together with a DOS one]. Anyway, whatever
 the common format might be, it ought to include low end platforms
 like the PCs and Macs enabling High School students to use them at
 their ease.
 Regards, Jan P. Radomski