The Computational Chemistry Yellow Pages

 Molecular Solutions, Inc. (Allen Richon and Merry Ambos) and Custom Consulting
 and Research (Bruce Gelin) are collaborating to produce and sell The
 Computational Chemistry Yellow Pages.  This is to be a general resource guide
 for computational chemistry software and services.  It is designed to:
 	act as an introduction to new users;
 	provide a resource for experienced users;
 	summarize sources of information available in the field.
 If you have software, services, data or publications which you would like to
 have included in the publication at no charge, please send us a brief
 description and pricing, a contact name, address, telephone number, FAX
 number and e-mail address if available.  The deadline for inclusion is
 July 1, 1992.  You can e-mail your response to molsol(-(at)-),
 mail it to Molecular Solutions, P.O. Box 32101, St. Louis, MO 63132
 or FAX it to us at 314-997-6760.