<<Australian PC World>> and <<IEEE Micro>> comment on SymbMath

This is news.
 	In the magazine <<Australian PC World>>, June 1992, page 119, Mr.
 Geoff Long wrote, "SymbMath 1.4 belongs in a more esoteric field, that of
 symbolic mathematics. If you've ever had need for programs such as Maple
 or Mathematica, you'll know about symbolic mathematics, also called
 algebraic computation or symbolic manipulation. SymbMath is a symbolic
 calculator that can manipulate complicated formulas and return answers
 in terms of symbols. It solves the same sort of problems as programs like
 Mathematica, but still runs in 640 K of RAM as opposed to Mathematica's
 4 Mb plus. Although SymbMath is still being added to, it has generated
 interest in the scientific sections of some overseas electronic bulletin
 board, being one of the most frequently download programms at some
 monitored sites".
 	The Journal <<IEEE Micro>> on February 1992, page 76, said,
 "SymbMath, an expert system that solves mathematic problems in symbolic
 formula or through numeric computation ... requires significantly less
 RAM than most comparable software - 640 Kbytes, as opposed to as much
 as 4 Mbytes".
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