Resource for molecular modeling

Regarding the recent solicitation from a commercial group for
 information to compile into a "Computational Chemistry Yellow Pages",
 which they wish to sell, the readers of this bulletin board will be
 interested to know that a similar resource already exists.
 Each volume of the book series REVIEWS IN COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY
 includes an appendix which is a compendium of software and other
 services of interest to computational chemists.  The compilation in
 Volume 2 was 17 pages long and is the most complete compilation currently
 available. The compilations on Volumes 3 and 4, which are in press, will
 double the amount of information provided.  Addresses, telephone and FAX
 numbers, and e-mail addresses for sources of programs and services are
 provided.  Most libraries currently subscribe to REVIEWS IN
 COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY.  It is published by VCH (the same publisher
 that produces Angewandte Chemie).
 The volumes of REVIEWS IN COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY also contain reviews
 and tutorials written to be of interest to both new users and
 experienced researchers.
 Dr. Donald B. Boyd (boyd_donald_b #*at*#,
 Professor Ken B. Lipkowitz (ipjz100 #*at*#, Co-Editors.
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