Future Symposia of the COMP division

 Dear Folks,
 Enclosed are the future symposia of the Computers and CHemistry
 division of the American Chemical Society. Please pay attention
 to the DEADLINES...
 Also, If you would like to help the COMP division, consider
 organizing a 'Unscheduled Symposia'. A list of interesting
 future symposia is collected at the end of this note. If you
 want to organize a particular symposium or have a different
 topic that you are interested in; send a note to myself
 or to the Program Chair for the meeting that you are interested in.
 Thank You.
 Future Symposia of the Computers and Chemistry Division of the ACS
 Denver, March 28-April 2, 1993:
 Program Chair: Dr.  Philip Kutzenco, American
 Cyanamid Co., 1937 West Main Street, P.O. Box 60, Stamford, CT 06904-0060, fax
 -203-321-2298, (203) 321-2377- Four copies of 150 Word Abstract (Original on
 ACS Abstract Form) due by December 1, 1992  to respective chairmen.
 Solvation Models - Dr. Allen Richon,Molecular Solutions, Inc. P.O. Box 32101,
 St. Louis. MO 63132 Tel: (314) 567-3927 fax: (314) 997-6760
 Computational  Analytical Chemistry - Prof. Gary Small, Dept. of Chemistry,
 Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701-2979 (614)-593-1748 Fax (614)-593-0148
 small(-(at)-)helios.phy.ohiou.edu  &  Dr. Mark Schure, Rohm and Haas, 727
 Rd., Spring House, PA 19477 (215)-641-7854 - rs0ums(-(at)-)rohmhaas.com-
 by Analytical Chemistry Division.
 NMR Calculation and Simulation - Dr. Angela M. Gronenborn, Laboratory of
 Chemical Physics, Building 2, Rm 123, N. I. H., Bethesda MD 20892 -
 301-496-0782 gronenbo(-(at)-)nihklmb, gronenbo(-(at)-)vger.niddk.nih.gov
 General Computational Chemistry - Poster and Oral Sessions- Dr.  Philip
 Kutzenco, American Cyanamid Co., 1937 West Main Street, P.O. Box 60, Stamford,
 CT 06904-0060, fax-203-321-2298, (203) 321-2377
 Related Symposia: Uses of The InterNet, Lorrin Garson, (202)-872-4600,
 Chicago August 22-27 , 1993 -
 Program Chair: Dr.  Philip Kutzenco  Abstracti due by April 30, 1992
 Modeling the Hydrogen Bond -  Prof. Douglas Smith, University of Toledo,
 Toledo, OH  43606-3390  419-537-2116, fax-419-537-4033, email
 Beilstein Database Symposium, Dr. Steven Heller, Building 005 Rm 337,  USDA
 ARS BARC-W, Beltsville, MD 20705-2350.  301-504-6055 / FAX 301-504-6231,
 QSAR, LFER, & LSER  Methods, Dr. George Famini, U..S. Army Chemical
 Development and Engineering Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
 21010-5423 - (410)-671-2570
 General Computational Chemistry - Poster and Oral Sessions- Dr.  Philip
 Kutzenco - fax-203-321-2298, (203) 321-2377
 Electronic Notebooks - cosponsored CINF - Dr. Thomas Pierce, P.O. Box
 219,Bristol PA 19007,  215-785-8989
 Modeling of Polymer Properties - cosponsored with PMSE-Dr. Kevin Squire, Exxon
 Chemical PO Box 45 Linden, NJ 07036 (908)-474-3821, Fax (908)-474-3627 & Dr.
 M.G. Koehler, Allied-Signal Research Center (708)-391-3396
 Related Symposia: Advances in Radiopharmaceutical Drug Design, Computational
 Methods in Inorganic Chemistry
 San Diego, April 10-15 1994 -
 Program Chair: Dr. Angelo Rossi, T. J. Watson
 Research Center,, IBM Corporation. PO 218,Yorktown Heights, NY
 10598-0218,914-945-3834, fax 914-945-2141,  ROSSI(-(at)-)YKTVMV -  150 Word ACS
 Abstract  due by December 1, 1993
 General Computational Chemistry - Poster and Oral Sessions - Dr. Angelo Rossi
 Molecular Modeling - Dr. Richard Counts, QCPE, Creative Arts Bldg 181, Indiana
 University, Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 855-4784,  fax-812-855-5539
 Similarity Searching  - cosponsored with CINF, Dr. Guenter Grethe, Molecular
 Design, Ltd., 2132 Farallon, San Leandro CA 94501
 Scientific Visualization,  Dr. Kevin Cross, Chemical Abstracts Service, 2540
 Olentangy River Road,  P.O. Box 3012,  Columbus, OH 43210 -(614)-447-3600 ext
 3192 -  kpc23(-(at)-)cas.org
 Practical Application of Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD), Dr. Charles
 Reynolds, (215)-283-2315, Rohm and Haas, 727 Norristown Rd., Spring House, PA
 19477 - rs0chr(-(at)-)rohmhaas.com
 Future Symposia-unscheduled
 Washington D.C. August 21-26 1994     -     Anaheim 4/2/95 - 4/7/95     -
 Chicago  8/20/95 - 8/25/95
 Women in Computational Chemistry
 Physical/Chemical Property Prediction
 Graph Theory
 Density Functional Applications of Chemical Systems
 Reactive Molecular Dynamics
 Modeling of Membranes and Films
 Modeling Polymer Emulsions
 Modeling Protein Folding - Fact or Fiction?
 Computational Chemistry Education
 Non-Traditional Modeling
 Frugal Chemist's Software
 Material Simulation and Property Calculation
 Atmospheric Modeling
 Environmental Modeling
 Computational Chemistry Education
 Multi-media Visualization of Scientific Applications
 Application of Parallel Processing to Chemical Problems
 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Modelling
 Sincerely,  Thomas Pierce,
 thpierce(-(at)-)rohmhaas.com or rs0thp(-(at)-)rohvm1
 Official Disclaimer:"The opinions expressed are those of the writer
 and not the Rohm and Haas Company."