G90 CASSCF problems on SGI

 I cannot get G90 to execute CASSCF jobs, including the example of
 cyclobutadiene given in the manual. I have recompiled G90 under Irix 4.0.1
 and FTN 3.4.1. The job just dies, leaving no error message. I have also
 recompiles under Irix 4.0.4 with the maintence update FTN 3.4.3, and the
 same thing happens - bombs away with no message. Funny thing is that
 using the G90 executable complied under 3.3.2 but now running Irix 4.0.1
 does run! Is there something goofy with FTN or with G90?
 Steven Bachrach
 Department of Chemistry
 Northern Illinois University
 DeKalb, Il 60115
 smb # - at - # smb.chem.niu.edu