CADPAC on RISC machines...

We have the Cambridge Analytical Derivatives Package CADPAC 4.0S, Convex
 Version March 1988 which we used to run on our Sun 3/280 machines. These have
 now been retired, and we would like to run CADPAC on the replacement machines,
 HP 9000/720's. I have tried, and failed, to get this version of CADPAC to run
 on the following list of machines: Sun SPARCstation 1 & 2, Silicon Graphics
 4D25S, DECstation 5000/25 and Hewlett Packard 9000/720. The common denominator
 for all these is that they are RISC machines (I know, I may be clutching at
 straws here). Has anyone out there got CADPAC to run successfully on RISC
 machines? Any/all suggestions/war stories gratefully received!
 	Thanks in advance,
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