I am out till Tuesday

Three things:
 1) I think that we have a consensus on trading computer language for human
 language. I share the point of view that today's universities are frequently
 production lines for Fachidioten, but it is only natural in the era when
 science means business. Thanks God, not all !!! We probably should not drag
 this discussion for ever since some people will start reminding me that it is
 a computational chemistry list.
 2) Je ne suis pas un beau ideal. Entschuldigen Sie mir bitte the mishap with
    my yesterday's message which due to From: line parsing error which resulted
    in:  "Richard C. Elder, Chemistry, U of Cincinnati" ( ( at ) )
 ccl.net  i eto bylo
    poslano do: chemistry ( ( at ) ) ccl.net. I was trully unintentional.
 3) I will be out of town until Tuesday. The list will work, but your
    requests will not be answered till this time.
 Sorry for taking bandwidth with administration.
 Jan Labanowski
 Ohio Supercomputer Center
 jkl ( ( at ) ) ccl.net