Re: Languages

(Truncated Swedish. Where are all the dots on this keyboard? :-)
 Att vilja byta ut svenska, eller nagot annat manskligt sprak, mot
 Cobol, IDL, eller C++, ar helknappt, knasigt, och rent ut av
 (Transliterated Hebrew. I'm still waiting for Unicode... )
 Hara'ayon lehachlif ivrit, u eize safah enoshit aheret, mul Forth,
 Perl, u Basic, hu meshugah legamrei!
 I indeed would have had some difficulties in my present life, had
 I not complemented my vernacular Swedish with knowledge of English
 and Hebrew. Not to mention the joy that my little knowledge of French
 and German brings me occasionally.
 Shalom, Ciao, Asta la vista, Hejdaa, Sa'alam, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen.
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