Re: G90 CASSCF problems on SGI

Hi Steven,
 > cyclobutadiene given in the manual. I have recompiled G90 under Irix 4.0.1
 > and FTN 3.4.1. The job just dies, leaving no error message. I have also
 Did you use the "new" makefile for gaussian 90 meant for the 4.0.x
 or did you just use the original makefile for 3.3.x OS'ses?
 If you did not use the new makefile you might want to contact Gaussian Inc
 to obtain it. Also, I am aware of other problems with early revisions of
 Gaussian 90 in CASSCF jobs. I double checked G90 rev J with the 4.0.1
 OS and makefiles and everything runs fine on my site.
 I hope this helps,
 				-- Roberto
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