Lu and Sc calcs.?

Fellow Net-minders,
         Since I'm away from Memphis for the summer and don't have ready
 access to a chemistry library, I was wondering if anybody had seen or heard
 of the following paper.  I saw it referenced in the book "Selective
 Activation" edited by Julian A. Davies et al., in a chapter by Patricia
 L. Watson (DuPont, Central Research).
         The partial reference is PL Watson, W Fultz, MS Thompson, N Rosch
 and V Jahns, Organometallics - in press.  I keep a close eye on Organometallics
 but may have missed it.  From what I gather the paper deals with INDO
 calculations on Cp2Lu-Ph and its Sc analogue, and seems relevant to our ab-
 initio work.  If anybody has seen, or heard, of this paper (an address or phone
 no. of the authors would probably be the best shot) and could give a completed
 or revised reference, I would appreciate it greatly.
                                         Thomas R. Cundari
                                         Assistant Professor
                                         Department of Chemistry
                                         Memphis State University
                                         Memphis, TN 38152