NEw ACS Book Series

26 June, 1992
      The ACS has just initiated a new Computers in Chemistry -
 Reference Book Series.  I have been appointed over-all editor of
 the series.
      The goal of the ACS is to produce a series of books which
 will be useful reference books in various areas of computer
 chemistry.  This is NOT a book series for symposia or other
 highly timely, but narrow areas.  The ACS will continue to
 publish the ACS Symposium Series of books.
      Each book in the series will be written and/or edited by
 various individuals who are experts in their respective areas of
 computer chemistry.
      This note is a "call for authors".  I would like to hear
 from anyone who is interested in writing or editing a book for
 this series.  A number of areas come to mind, such as:
 1. Applications of Super Computers
 2. Telecommunications/Computer Networks
 3. Molecular Modeling/Drug Design
 4. LIMS
 5. Polymer Modeling
 6. Neural Networks
 7. Data Analysis/Curve Fitting Software
 8. 2D/3D Structure Searching
 9. Data Standards/Data Exchange/Interchange
      If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me
 by INTERNET, mail, FAX, or phone:
 Stephen R. Heller
 Informatics Project Leader
 Plant Genome Research Program
 Building 005, Room 337
 Beltsville, MD 20705-2350  USA
 Phone:     301-504-6055
 FAX:       301-946-2704
      To initiate a book for this series I will need, at least, a
 tentative title, outline, list of chapters, and authors.