RE:Proteins in solvent model

 Jean-Luc Verschelde writes:
 Hi everybody ,
 As a beginning researcher I am looking for force fields
 to model proteins in water.
 Is it possible to send me information on that matter.
 Or where can I get good programs to model proteins in water?
 Dear Mr Verschelde,
 You did not give any e-mail adress, so I take me the freedom to e-mail
 you directly over the net.
 If you study a recent very useful review listed below,
 many of your questions will be discussed
 (and maybe an equal number of new ones will be raised ?).
 van Gunsteren et al., Eur. J. Biochem., 204, 947-961.
 Good Luck
 Martin Norin
 Stockholm                      e-mail martin \\at//