AMPAC 4.0, Commercial Announcement

                      AMPAC 4.0 with Graphical User Interface
 Dear Netters:
   Professor Dewar is  very near  retirement and has  asked that  I take on
   the responsibility of promoting and maintaining AMPAC, and I have accep-
   ted.  He has  further asked  that AMPAC  be marketed  in  order to  pro-
   vide  a stable  source of  funds for maintenance and expansion.  We have
   established Semichem,  Inc.  to  carry  out  this  task.   The new AMPAC
   includes  Professor  Dewar's  "next  generation"  semiempirical
   SAM1, which will soon be  parameterized  for transition metals and other
   elements requiring d-orbitals for proper  treatment.  Other new features
   include  an  annealing routine  for  locating minima,  the MNDOC and PM3
   Hamiltonians, improved  and  corrected CI  treatment,  the AMSOL models,
   NBO and ESP population analysis methods, and an XWindows/Motif Graphical
   User Interface  that  will run  on  virtually  any system.  In addition,
   Semichem  consists of former  Dewar students, offering the best possible
   ible programming  and scientific  support  available.  Please contact me
   below if you have any further questions.   Academic pricing is available.
                                 Andy Holder
                               DR. ANDREW HOLDER
              Assistant Professor of Computational/Organic Chemistry
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